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EIM has helped Rural Businesses receive over
$10,000,000 to save energy and reduce utility bills.
Let EIM help you win grants to reduce costs for
Retro-Fitting to a Central Boiler.

EIM helps you complete USDA REAP grant forms to qualify for
this competitive grant that pays up to 25% of total project costs.

Offers a Helping Hand to Growers
Eligible for the grant are all the components shown below
PLUS installation labor!

Potential money saved by converting from a fossil fuel to a Central Boiler?

New Central Boiler

Running water lines $20,000
New radiators/ fan coils/ controls $10,000
    Total Typical costs $50,000

Rebates, grants, energy savings

REAP grants

Section 179 depreciation at a 20% tax rate -$10,000
ENERGY SAVINGS on 10000 gallons of propane -$15,000
    Total savings first year  $37,500

     Upgrading to a renewable fuel can pay for itself in less than 2 years!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  How much of my time will this take?
About 4 hours. Documents needed to write the grant application include: first two pages of Federal income tax return, DUNS number, articles of incorporation (if applicable), permits, letter of support from bank, proof of property control, copies of most recent 12 months of utility bills.
  Will I need to pay taxes on the grant award?
Almost all government grants are considered cash payments and are taxable events.
  When can I start?
Any construction or purchase made prior to the grant application being received by the USDA is not eligible for grant awards.

When can I get the money?             $$$$$$$$

    • USDA REAP GRANTS: While the EIM application deadline is February 28, winners are usually announced between July and October. Payments are issued after the announcement of winners and the completion of the project.

    • UTILITY COMPANY INCENTIVES: Utility program payments are typically monthly.

  • TAX CREDITS OR DEDUCTIONS: These are adjustments to your annual income tax. You should contact your accountant to find out specifics for your situation.

Call Energy Improvement Matters (EIM)
for information on grants (317) 228-0134

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Did you know...

Sources of bioenergy are called "biomass," and include agricultural and forestry residues, municipal solid wastes, industrial wastes, and terrestrial and aquatic crops grown solely for energy purposes.

They are a source of cleaner-burning, homegrown energy, and the crops they use as feedstocks can help reduce soil erosion, improve air and water quality and conserve wildlife habitat.

What do past winners say about EIM grant writers?

• Mr. Akin says getting his grant was 'easy.' "You all did everything we expected you to do."

• "I liked that when I called with a question, it was answered promptly. It was good that I knew you and you knew me. It was a very personal experience. The grant process was really easy because you all made it easy" says Mr. Patterson.

• "I would do it again. It was well worth it" says Mrs. Swinney.