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What type of grain drying system does the farmer have now and what will he change to?

What's Your Grant Score?
    Renewable Energy Grant Intake Form for Grain Dryers

   In-bin drying to portable driers
   Batch heater to continuous flow
   Dry and cool to a tower drier

Frequently asked questions on grain drying grants:

   Can I build a new bin under the grant?
   Can I convert an existing bin into one that dries?
   What can be included other than the dryer?
   When do farmers get the award if they win?
   Can we promise the farmer that he will win the grant?
   How much money is available?
   When will farmers find out if they won the grant?

Other resources:

   Cost of over drying
   Cost of starting to dry too late

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Did you know...

Over drying grain 1 percent will cost you 7 cents a bushel.

Starting to dry too late may reduce your yield by 5%.