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The process of creating a REAP/Section 9007 grant application for grain drying

Step one: Use appropriate forms to gather background information:

    • Farmer information

    • Banker information

  • Information on state/USDA office

Step two: Gather information on existing grain drying system


      This information will be used to calculate

      • BTU/lb drying

      • Total BTU used

      • Cost per bushel to dry

    • EIM (Bruce Everly) or other Certified Energy Manager will need this information.

Step three: Gather information on proposed drying system

    • Model number

    • Total installed cost

  • BTU/lb drying

Step four: Have Certified Energy Manager calculate savings.

Step five: Complete the GSI dealer information sheet by clicking here

Step six: Get the technical proposal from the Grant Writer

After all above steps are completed, forward information to selected grant writer (such as EIM, Bruce Everly: bruce@midwesteim.com) and he/she will write the final section: Tab H the Technical Proposal

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