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GSI Success Story

Grain harvesting has come a long way. From the days of drying corn on the ear, to present day premium grain dryers, the face of farming has changed. Mike Brocksmith, a Southwestern Indiana corn and wheat farmer, has first hand experience with the value of new technology and uses assistance from the government to take advantage of it. It has been three long years since he set out to improve his grain set up and discovered what is out there. Mike has begun to shape his farming techniques with what is now available.

In 2008, Mike completed one of the first grants in Indiana to assist in the purchase of a GSI Top Dry grain dryer. This past year, he has noticed the system is more efficient and easier to operate compared to older equipment used. This new dryer has the advantage of coming with its own storage bin. Since the entire system is inside of the Grain bin, there is no separate drier to maintain or keep out of the weather. This results in the absence of storage issues and the added benefit of a more simple clean up, which saves a lot of time. This new equipment allows the farmer to harvest earlier, due to the low cost of drying, which could greatly assist in the difference between an average harvest year and a great harvest year.

Although going through the grant process was a bit cumbersome and complex compared to the paperwork that he had been used to, Mike got assistance from a company called Energy Improvement Matters (EIM). The grant covered 25% of the cost of the dryer and other supporting equipment.

As far as his energy savings, which tend to vary every year, Mike says it saved him 1/3 of the energy he had used in previous years. His intention before the grant opportunity arose was to buy another continuous flow dryer about twice the capacity of his 15 year old GSI dryer. Mike is very pleased with his decision to go with the Top Dry system.

Another benefit was being able to write off much of the new dryers costs within one year. Due to the grant, and tax advantages Mike was able to buy a high-end premium, high efficient dryer; which was a better buy then he originally anticipated.

When asked to sum up his buying experience Mike said, "I have used GSI products for about 20 years because they are a good value for the money and I have a good dealer. My local dealer is Nelson Wagler of Farmers Storage Company from Montgomery, Indiana".

Mike's plan for next year is to tie up a few loose ends, rest, and spend more time with his family.

Thanks to GSI top dry system and the grant opportunities, Mike's intentions for next year will be possible.

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