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How has the health of the chickens improved?

Mrs. Wendol Swinney of Swinney Farms is so happy with her energy efficiency improvements and the grant money; she wishes she had expanded her project. "The LED light is nice, but it took a while to get used to. At night it is a very nice bright white light. We really saw a big improvement in the survival of the chickens. We had a significant loss of birds in fogger pad houses, but the ones with cool cells, we didn't have any loss. We were so impressed with the difference, we've moved to getting them installed in the rest of the houses. When we started raising chickens years ago, you just had a 36" shuttered fan, and then another type, and now they are recommending the butterfly fan. This fan turns a lot more wind speed on to really move the wind on the birds. The butterfly fans really increase the air speed to move the hot air out. I'm sure that the butterfly fans helped with the heat when it got up to 115 last summer." Even applying for both REAP and EQUIP grants, Mrs. Swinney would do it again and says she "would recommend this to another farmer." She told us, "We didn't have any problem with getting the application completed. It took a while to get the grant completed because we applied for both the REAP and the EQUIP grants. It took several hours to complete the paperwork. There was a lot of legwork involved. I would do it again. It was well worth it." EIM and the USDA served the Swinneys quickly and efficiently. Mrs. Swinney states that getting her grant award was "very easy and timely. It maybe took two weeks to get paid, not very long at all." Additionally, Mrs. Swinney had personal obligations that necessitated a tight deadline. "I very much wanted to get my application submitted prior to [my obligations] and EIM managed to get the application done in time. The NRCS representative was very helpful and accommodating. She arranged the inspection and she was thorough and accommodating."

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That sealing your house can reduce your energy usage by 20%.

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