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How did the process work for you?

Dennis Patterson of DJ Patterson, Inc. told us, "I liked that when I called with a question, it was answered promptly. It was good that I knew you and you knew me. Bruce had been to the farm; it was a very personal experience. The grant process was really easy because you all made it easy. I'd say I spent 8 - 10 hours total on the process including drive time to the Rural Development office. It didn't seem like it took long at all to find out we were winners. We applied close to the deadline, so it only took a month or two to find out we were winners. The process was really easy. Once we signed the paperwork, the money was deposited directly to our account within two or three weeks. The Rural Development office was impressed with the grant application." Mr. Patterson received $10,335 of grant money to make improvements to his poultry houses. When asked about whether he's seen an improvement in energy efficiency, Mr. Patterson told us, "Propane usage is down form what it used to be because of the two heaters. I wish I had put in more of them because I think I would have seen an even bigger savings."

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