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Grants and Incentives

  • REAP Grants: The USDA offers the Rural Energy for America program (REAP), which is a competitive grant that pays up to 25% of the eligible costs on energy efficient equipment. Details

  • EQIP Grants: The NRCS offers competitive grants that cover 100% of LED lights, tube heaters and ventilation fans for 1 house in some states. Details

  • Cumberland offers site surveys and action plans at no cost. Details

  • Utility Rebate Programs: Your utility company may offer rebates that can be combines with the USDA grants. Details

  • Income Tax Deductions through Section 179 (EPACT): Up to 100% of the project cost in the first year. Ask your tax accountant for Details.

What is covered under these programs?

  • Site survey to develop plan
  • New climate controllers
  • New roll seal doors
  • Any equipment that saves energy!

How do your profits go up?

  • Improved heating costs
  • Improved cooling costs
  • Improved feed rates
  • Improved bird health

Frequently asked questions on poultry grants:

    Who helps with the costs and what are the costs?
    What is the total impact: How do your profits go up?
    What will you have to do?
    Where does the initial money come from?
    What strings are attached?
    When can you get the money?
    When can you get the products?

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Did you know...

That sealing your house can reduce your energy usage by 20%.

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